Yeshua: An ‘elevator pitch’

I was asked to give an ‘elevator pitch’ and answer a few basic questions on how I personally saw Yeshua.

Some of these questions were:

Who Yeshua was (is)?

What did he achieve?

What was his purpose?

Who was he?

Does he have a place/purpose now?

Will he have one in the future?

My short answers (with some links to articles where I have expounded in some ways on these questions and related issues:

Who Yeshua was (is)?

A man born naturally to Yosef and Miriam who has the credentials based on his genealogy to be Messiah – see

The Messiah ben Yosef and soon to be King Messiah ben David – see

The hope of the all who are aware of their heart’s longing for eternity (‘… He has put eternity into man’s heart …’ – Ecc 3:11) – see my discussion on the place and importance of the Resurrection here –

THE High Priest – see   – this is one of the few positions that I hold in one sense tentatively at this time.

My tentative position is whether Yeshua is not only the Kohein HaGadol (the High Priest) in the Olam HaBah (the Coming Age), but also the High Priest now and for the last 2000 years?

My understanding of the Bible is that his role is a future one, though spoken as if now (using the Prophetic Perfect tense – see

In many practical ways I would argue he is the High Priest now, even though the Torah would appear to argue that he can only take on the role in the Coming Age.

Also, the Second Adam (i.e. the first of the New Creation of humanity), the Advocate, the Judge on the Great Day, etc.

What did he achieve?

He managed to overcome his Yetzer Hara ( and fully live by the will of God so that he qualified to be resurrected and demonstrate the reality of eternal life. But his life, his example in many ways is more significant, as it led to the spread of monotheism and the belief in the God of Israel throughout the world. While his People were supposed to be the Light to The Gentiles, Yeshua lead the way so powerfully in this, that he can be considered to be Israel – see my commentary on Isaiah 49 –

There is also a sense in which he is the Goal of Torah and Torah is the Goal of Messiah – see

What was his purpose?

Luke 4:43, Mark 1:38 & 1 John 3:8 – to preach the Good News of the Coming Age.

Who was he?

An orthodox Jewish man, born in the lineage of King David and born with the destiny to be Messiah Ben David, the Redeemer of Israel and the whole world.

Does he have a place/purpose now?

Very much so – for starters, he offers atonement now (at least a definition of it that Rabbi Sacks and Kempinski explain so well), and also much more as the High Priest on THE Yom Kippur to come. See

This is just a very basic primer as no one can really do justice to this man, this extremely unique man so specially chosen by Yehovah to be the central figure of human history, yet with a humility and focus on His Father and ours, that all his actions and all his words pointed to and preached Yehovah –

But more than this, he is quite possibly the most mis-understood and maligned person in all history as well! To give some clue of how radically different to common expectations I would argue Yeshua was and is, it is my contention that the person with the greatest appreciation of who and what Yeshua was in living memory is an orthodox Jewish Professor from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, the late Professor David Flusser, and NOT the leading scholars of Christianity who claim him.

Flusser even argues that in many ways Christianity ‘betrays Jesus’!

“… I know that it is not so easy for Gentiles to accept the thorough Jewishness of Jesus. Because then it would mean that they had received a foreign god and not their own ancient pagan gods. So they have to assimilate Jesus to the Greek gods.” …

“As far as you depart from the Hebrew background of the Gospels as far as you go farther from the Jewish origin of the Gospel and of the Jewishness of Jesus by this I would even say 
you betray Jesus himself.” – from

Will he have one in the future?

This is the most exciting if all questions! The time to come with Yeshua returns as Messiah ben David and the era of the Olam HaBah (The Coming Age) or the Kingdom of God arrives is something worth stopping the elevator for and spending considerable time studying and contemplating.

I have written and presented many times on what the future holds. I do not think we focus anywhere enough on it.

I introduce some of this work here:

When Yeshua is installed as our Messiah King, we will have a world where truth, justice and peace abound. A world that will fully express the love, joy and beauty of the Almighty and of His humanity made in His Image.

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