The New Heavens and the New Earth: Life in the Coming Kingdom

Following are …
7 characteristics of the new creation – the new heaven & earth:

  1. Radically different creation laws and constants (no thermodynamics, no gravity, no electromagnetism);
  2. No evil, no death, no decay;
  3. No regrets, no grief, no pain;
  4. No darkness, no shadows, possibly no sun and no stars, and yet light everywhere;
  5. Possibly a different dimensionality i.e the ability to move in more than the current 4 dimensions;
  6. Unimaginable splendor, joy, beauty, peace, and love;
  7. Wholly meaningful and satisfying work.

7 things that we will be, as we will be in the likeness of Yeshua:

  1. Immortal beings of glory;
  2. Completed – we the bride will consummate our relationship with our bridegroom; we will for the first time in our lives be truly and fully complete, perfected people made in the image of God; Fully alive and capable – no handicaps; no depression; no sin around us so no need for sorrows or grief; no longer will we see innocent blood being shed and feeling impotent and unable to adequately respond;
  3. Able to enjoy eating without needing to for sustenance;
  4. Able to travel in some extra-dimensional manner that allows us to be transported from one location to another instantly and even move through locked doors or walls
  5. Able to communicate with our ‘ministering spirits’; the ‘messengers of God’ (angels)
  6. People of inexhaustible creativity – without tiring; without exhaustion; without aging and loss of faculties
  7. Identified by a new name; something that most likely will fully identify our uniqueness and our value before our heavenly God

7 things that we will experience in the Kingdom of God;

  1. Fellowship with God & see the Creator in His fullness; in some sense see God face to face!
  2. Touch and communicate face-to-face with our Messiah
  3. A place of no regrets, no grief, no permanent pain;
  4. Reunion with long dead, departed loved ones
  5. Meet & converse with the hero’s of the faith, from Abraham to the Apostle Paul
  6. Rewards – for over-comers; for profitable servants;
  7. Power, possessions and pleasures!

7 things that we will do in the Kingdom of God:

  1. Glorify and worship our God and our Messiah Yeshua and have fellowship with them
  2. Have authority over the new creation
  3. Eat and have many banquets – for pleasure and relationships
  4. Create – cook, compose, write, paint, carve, build
  5. Play music, games, sport; and laugh – joy, fun, excitement!
  6. Travel and experience new wonders of our infinitely amazing God
  7. Continually learn more about our God, who can never be exhausted

For Biblical support of the lists above please see my article here.

 Isaiah 65:17a  “For behold, I create[1] a new heavens and a new earth … “.

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[1] THe Hebrew word ‘bara’ is used here – it is a significant creation term – it is only used 3 times in Gen 1: verses 1, 21 & 27 for the creation of universe; animals and mankind. Other creation events use the Hebrew word ‘assah’ which manes make or shape. Isaiah 65 refers to the new universe; the new holy city  and the new humanity!

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