The Heart Defines The Person

Consider a wrong heart attitude, for example someone who is a thief at heart. A thief is not just someone who has stolen something, but anyone who, if given the opportunity, may indeed steal something. The heart needs to be open to God, to be circumcised, to be so in tune with the Spirit of God, that it naturally does what is right at all times.

What is meant by a circumcised heart?

I like Moshe Avraham Kempinski’s answer:
“Why does G-­­d use the term a ‘circumcised heart’? It is because circumcision involves removing a covering. We believe that every human being was born with the heart of G-­­d. When G-­­d breathed His breath into Adam, every single human being had the heart of G-­­d placed within him. But what have we done?

Since our youth we have covered this heart with our own ego, our won needs, and our selfish desires. We have covered or hearts and separated ourselves from true equilibrium. This is why G-­­d asks us to uncover our heart -­­ to uncover the heart of G-­­d that is already beating inside. In this way we re-­­kindle what is most natural to us. … having a relationship with G-­­d is essentially returning to what is most natural.

The Hebrew word for repentance, ‘teshuvah’ means ‘to return’. This is a return to the original state of affairs, being in harmony with what was always meant to be. It is not something new to be attained, nor is it some higher state of consciousness. It is returning to what is already ingrained within every single soul and in every single heart. It is about re-­­establishing the divine connection set in place at creation. -­­-­­-­­ Moshe Avraham Kempinski -­­ from “The Teacher and The Preacher -­­ a dialogue” p37

Yeshua prayed that we would be one in spirit with him as he is with the Father. This is a spirit of unity of purpose, of love and loving relationship.

I have come back to reflect on this issue after being asked again about my understanding of the Ephesians 2:15 ‘dividing wall’ passage. In addressing it again I looked at Uriel Ben Mordechai’s recent translation and was challenged even more by his interpretation, especially by his argument that the removal of the wall did not occur with Yeshua’s crucifixion and resurrection but will only occur in the Olam HaBah (the Coming Age and the Kingdom of God).

My new discussion on this passage (which was part of my ‘Siblings of the King’ article) is now here:

It probably needs to be read in the context, both historically and biblically that I expand on in this article:

If you have read these articles, regardless of the conclusions you may personally have come to, there arises quite naturally a few questions:

Is your heart uncovered before Yehovah?

Have you returned to Him?

Have you begun, or continued, to walk The Way of Psalm 119, the way of Micah 6:8, with faith in the Almighty, that is with the ‘faith of Yeshua’1?

Ps 119:1-7
1 How happy are those whose way of life is blameless, who live by the Torah of Yehovah!
How happy are those who observe his instruction, who seek him wholeheartedly!
They do nothing wrong but live by his ways.
You laid down your precepts for us to observe with care.
May my ways be steady in observing your instructions.
Then I will not be put to shame, since I will have fixed my sight on all your commandments.
I thank you with a sincere heart as I learn your righteous rulings. …

1) The Faith of Yeshua

2 thoughts on “The Heart Defines The Person

  1. Yes I agree that to have an uncircumcised heart means to have a heart that is in sync with the spirit of YHWH.

    But also I’ve noticed that this naturally occurring flap of skin on every newborn male has a tendency to harbour what is unclean. I will not elaborate. Having it removed relieves males of a constant hygiene concern. I know, as I was circumcised as an adult. Things are way better now.

    A heart that is circumcised will not allow the natural flesh to harbour any uncleaness of heart which would grieve the spirit of YHWH. Yes, we whose heart he has won, only want to do what HE loves.

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