Material comfort can be dangerous

When we know where our blessings come from, it can help give us a proper and sober perspective that helps us remained grounded.

Nothing can turn the heart of man from loving his Father and maintaining his awesome and reverent relationship with Him more than luxury and physical indulgence.

Material comfort can be dangerous. It can make us believe that we are legends in our own lunch-boxes, that we all the bee’s–knees, the best thing since sliced bread, and that it is all because of our own brilliance! It then becomes far too easy to forget that everything in life is a present.

Sukkot is a time of joy, of rejoicing where we can acknowledge where our blessings came from, Who is really responsible for giving us our talent and blessing the work of our hands. Sukkot while a great party, can at the same time help keep us grounded and appreciative of the ‘present’ and the Giver of the present!

If you haven’t listened to our Podcast on Sukkot yet, now might be a good time.

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