Yom Teruah – The Day of Trumpets – Part 2 of 2

In this second Podcast on Yom Teruah, Pastor Aubrey Burt and Paul Herring answer the second five questions about this special Festival of God.

We further discuss it’s biblical mandate; its place in Jewish life today and it’s relevance to followers of Yeshua.

Most of the Scriptures used are either read out or clearly referenced – you can pause the Podcast and rewind if you miss one.

Along with the follow-up articles  ‘Our Passover Lamb’; Colossians 2:16 and the Sabbath’ and ‘Yom Teruah’, from Podcast Part 1, the article ‘Siblings of the King: Living in the Will of the Father’ also discusses the challenge of Matt 5:17 – these are all available from www.circumcisedheart.info

The Podcast ‘The Times of Yeshua’ that is also mentioned can be downloaded here – http://pfherring.podomatic.com/entry/2011-12-30T04_18_57-08_00

Click here for Podcast Part 2

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