Who is the Messiah from a Hebraic Perspective – Part 2

In this Podcast (part 2 of 2) we ask the question of who/what the first believers expected the Messiah to be; why many Jewish people reject the belief that Yeshua is this end-times Messiah; how Christians have misunderstood his ministry and how we should view the Messiah.

In this second podcast on this question, Pastor Aubrey and I look back through time to Yeshua’s day and ask the question of who the Messiah was to be; who was expected; what sort of man was he to be; what was he to do? What was the understanding that the first disciples would have had and how did they see Yeshua as fitting their criteria. We touch on Isaiah 53; Psalm 110 and Psalm 2, etc.

How does the answer to this question help us some 2000 years later, both in a better appreciation of who Yeshua is; but also a better appreciation of typical Jewish perspectives on Yeshua as the Messiah. Also how does such an understanding help us now as we look forward to the Coming Age?

We also touch on the issue of the New Covenant and it’s still future fulfilment – see Pastor Aubrey Burt’s series of 5 Podcasts on this topic – go to pfherring.podomatic.com

Podcast – click here – Part 2

Articles & links:

Background article: http://www.charismacomputers.com.au/The%20Messiah%20from%20an%20Hebraic%20perspective.pdf

Yeshua Preached God – see blog post on this site;

Righteousness Before Messiah; Yeshua THE High Priest; The Times of Yeshua; Psalm 2 v6 and Siblings of the King – all at http://www.circumcisedheart.info

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