The Times of Yeshua

Understanding the times in which Yeshua (Jesus) lived in vital to properly interpreting what he said and did and who he was.

I have shared some of my extensive research on this issue on a number of occasions. The Podcast at the link below was from the first time I spoke on this. The linked powerpoint is from another session I gave on this topic at a Sukkot Celebration.

Podcast: The Times of Yeshua
Related Powerpoint: Talk 2 The Times of Yeshua latest version

I would recommend listening to this talk as preparation for our next Podcast.

In Session 2 we will touch on some of the following:

  • Who is he Messiah from a Jewish perspective?
  • Who he is-what he is to do– in what ways have Christians misunderstood his ministry?
  • Why some Jewish people may reject the christian messianic perspective;
  • How we should view the Messiah?
  • Who the New Covenant is with—when the New Covenant-Testament will be instated—who are the parties involved?
  • How does Yeshua mediate the covenant—why believers are, or are not experiencing the NC-NT as of yet?
  • What happens when Yeshua is returned to earth?
  • Why the Torah as not been abolished–Will the Torah ever be abolished?

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